A Story About A Child's Bestfriend - Featuring Their Little Companion/Chou Chou - LOVINGLY SIGNED (HK)

A Story About A Child's Bestfriend - Featuring Their Little Companion/Chou Chou

We are so excited to be featuring Leanne (& her mom Winnie) in our 1st ever Lovingly Signed Chou Chou Series!

Winnie (https://www.instagram.com/winnieechia/) is the loving mom of 3 beautiful children, Liya, Leanne and Luke.

In our short feature, we speak to Winnie about Leanne, sharing with you Leanne's Chou Chou story (a security blanket that most of us have while growing up)

1. Share with us on your kids chou chou/security blanket?

It’s her very first customised chou chou and blanket that she have. She named it after the “Leanne’s Rabbit” which follow after her very own name. It was gifted by Lovingly Signed and she had it for almost two months. She loves it to bits and every night she has been hugging the rabbit and using the blanket. We didn’t really think that she needs one until she has one of her very own.

2. What role did the chou chou play in your kids life?

She brings it to whenever she goes and whenever she’s alone at home, she was often found playing with the chou chou. She see it as her playmate and a companion when her siblings are not around. She simply loves playing and lugging it around the home with her to whenever she goes.

3. Could you share some of the funny/heartwarming interactions that your kids have with their chou chou?

She pretended to feed the rabbit with some pretend play toys and took a wet wipe to wipe the mouth of the rabbit many times! Quite a funny scene to see, she is treating it as her very close playmate! I often see her kissing the bunny multiple times throughout the day too!

4. Fun Questions! List down 3 things that you should do with your kids chou chou, and 3 things that you shouldn’t do.

Allow to hug to sleep, pretend play with the chou chou and bring it along for staycation or holiday.

Do not allow her to bring chou chou out of the house. No chou chou around when she’s eating at the dining area and can’t bring chou chou to shower along with her!

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us Winnie! You have 3 really amazing kids, that bring joy to both you and your husband's lives all day long. Your kids chou chou will be their forever companion, accompanying and providing them with all comfort, happiness and security all throughout their childhood. 

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