Collection: Gifts For the Older Sibling(s)

Giving love and affection to the older sibling is just as important as spoiling the newborn baby, it strengthens your family relationships forever. Need ideas on how to show them appreciation? Don't worry about it! Lovingly Signed Hong Kong has put together a list of gifts for the older sibling(s) to give them the best they deserve.

Need some inspiration for a gift for the older sibling to encourage them to get away from the screens and stimulate their imagination? Our collection of puzzle and games are a great way to go. With the bubble gun to encourage them to play outside, or the puzzle assembly kits to stimulate their brains and learn while having fun.

This collection also features adorable animal pots to nurture plants to teach them the importance and responsibility of taking care of living things. You can also satisfy their sweet tooth with our selection of healthy nut spreads and chocolate-covered almonds from Noms of the Day and Conspiracy Chocolates.

For a touch of practicality and a taste of home, opt for the Hong Kong inspired beach towel and umbrella from Tiny Island.