1. How long will it take to personalise and delivery my order?

Hong Kong gifts are delivered by next day. For more information, please refer to delivery & gift wrap page.

2. Do you have a physical retail store?

No, we do not currently have a retail store in Hong Kong. We are an online baby gifting business, and we provide a wide selection of personalised baby gifts - delivered to your doorstep in Hong Kong. 

3. Do you sell the Jellycat jumpers separately?

Unfortunately, no we do not sell individual personalised jumpers at this time.

4. Can I see a sample of the thread colour on a specific product in advance of purchase?

Unfortunately we do not provide thread samples.

5. Can you share a photograph of my gift box prior to sending it?

We do provide photos of products prior to dispatch via Whatsapp

6. My purchase is a gift, can you remove the price tags/invoices and receipt from the package?

All our personalised baby gifts are packaged in such a way that there are no price tags or receipts included in the gift package.

7. I placed an order but I didn't receive a confirmation.

All order confirmations are sent by either email or Whatsapp, depending on which contact details you provided. Please double check your email or Whatsapp. If you still have not received confirmation, kindly email our customer service team at hello@lovinglysigned.hk 

8. How do I receive delivery updates?

If you have included your email at checkout, you will receive an update when your order has been dispatched. Hong Kong orders are usually delivered on the next day.

9. How do I get the promo code?

If you subscribe to our newsletter on our homepage you will receive an email with a discount code applicable for your first purchase with Lovingly Signed.

10. I forgot to use my promo code, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately no. Please make sure you use the promo code when making your first purchase. We will not offer a refund to customers who forgot to enter their promo code at checkout.

11. I'd like to send this gift overseas. Will I be charged handling fees or taxes? 


For overseas, please use our Singapore website: https://lovinglysigned.com.sg/